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Hire freelancers from around the world with just a click of your mouse or smartphone. Sqetto is the easiest way to find the bilingual talent you need to do business with Japan.

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Worldclass interpreters and translators, to bilingual freelancers in various professional fields. Find the talent you need to grow your business with Japan.

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Search, hire, and make payments across the globe. Employers and freelancers from any country can work together easily and efficiently, all in the app!


Empowering freelancers. 
More choices for employers.

Freelancers are free to set their own price and terms for the services they offer. Employers are free to choose from each freelancer's service offerings and prices, and can negotiate terms and conditions directly with the freelancer.
Freelancers have more freedom and employers have more choices.


Better business for freelancers.
Better service for customers.

Sqetto is built on our years of experience as a language service provider in Silicon Valley, matching bilingual-freelancers with international businesses. By applying this knowledge and experience in the Sqetto online platform, we will provide an environment that allows both freelancers and employers to transact more freely, efficiently, and conveniently across borders.


Freelancers are free to set their own trading conditions and service prices, and can promote their services directly to customers.


You can nominate your favourite people, or you can recruit from a pool of applicants and hire the best from among them.


We welcome freelancers from any field of service. Not just interpreters and translators. Japanese-bilingual freelancers looking for opportunities, or employers looking for these uniquely skilled resources, this is the place to meet!

Hire a Japan expert from your smartphone!

Looking to grow your business in Japan, but find that "Japanese is too hard to learn" or "We don't understand the Japanese market or the culture"? With the Sqetto app, it is now easier than ever to find, hire and work with Japan experts in Japan, in your country, or anywhere around the world.

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Put your language skills to work!

"I am bilingual in English and Japanese, but I am not utilizing this skillset" or "I want a job where I can make more money leveraging my Chinese lanugage skill" are just some of the examples of why people are signing up on Sqetto. Show-off your unique skillsets on your Spetto profile page so businesses from around the world looking for such talent will find and hire you. Use our detailed language proficiency scale to give potential employers an acurate assessment of your language skill level.
As a freelancer, once you start to earn a stable monthly income on Sqetto, you have the option to reduce your transaction fee payment all the way down to 0% by switching to montly subscription.

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