Japanese onsite interpreter or local Rep in Japan? Find and hire
the Japan expert you need!

Japanese-bilingual freelance talent,
available from around the world!


Freelancers with a "Japan Twist,"
now available at your fingertips.

Find the perfect partner
from around the world.

Registered freelancers are specialists in their fields who are fluent in Japanese and at least one foreign language. Search for the language and field of expertise you need and you will find specialists from all over the world right now. From online to local accompaniment to native English content writers, "Sqetto Helpers" will provide you with the best support.

Message freelancers directly for efficiency.

A "helper" lists his or her skills, experience, and areas of expertise in his or her profile. You can contact the person directly by conducting a search tailored to your needs. You can also post a job description and employment conditions to solicit freelance applicants. Find the right helper for you based on ratings and reviews.

Pay by credit card.
Fast, cheap, and global.

No matter which country the helper is from, all payments are made by credit card in US dollars. There is no need for overseas remittances or other troublesome tasks. The payment function of "Stripe," a leading online payment service, is used, so security is assured.


Summer 2022
[Sqetto β release] launched

We have started online matching for bilingual freelancers from around the world in the spring of 2022. The number of registered freelancers is increasing, and the matching of jobs and helpers is gradually increasing. We expect this to further accelerate in the future, so please register with us.

Hire resources globally for virtual 24-hour operation!

Open virtual offices in global locations utilizing freelance resources. Strategically select locations to cover local markets and to utilize different time zone so you can provide 24 hour in-person coverage by passing the batton from one location to the other. Quick, flexible, and much more cost efficient than opening a brick-and-mortar overseas office.

A trip to Japan is not as easy as before - but not to worry!

By utilizing a helper on your smartphone, you can request a contact person to work with your business partners even in countries where there are no local staff! Business trips are essential for overseas business, but you can develop your global business efficiently by effectively utilizing the helpers in each country.

how it works

How to use the service and how it works

Register for a free account

Create a new client account and register your profile information.

"Create a new case

Create a "new project" for the job you want, publish the project and wait for applicants. Alternatively, you can talk to freelancers individually and ask them directly.

Submit illustration
Official order

You place a formal order with your chosen freelancer and at the same time make a provisional payment for the agreed quote.

Confirmed and done!

When the job is completed, you will receive a completion report and a report on the over/under amount between the final amount and the provisional payment. Once you have approved them, you will be automatically reimbursed and the freelancer will be paid.

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