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Opportunities for bilingual Japanese speakers around the world


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Monthly subscription fee
Transaction fee [paid by freelancer to Sqetto] % (*)
(*) Transaction fee as a percentage of project amount paid by freelancers to sqetto

Subcription lowers transaction fees all the way down to 0%!

Sqetto reduces the commission rate borne by freelancers by asking the client to pay a portion of the brokerage fee. The introduction of subscriptions also makes it possible to reduce the commission rate to zero (0%).

The lower commission rate allows freelancers to earn a reasonable income even if they lower their sales price to companies and clients. This means that companies can expand overseas at a lower cost, bilingual freelancers will have more opportunities, and they will be able to make more money with lower commissions.

Monthly sales amount
$0/month + 15% of
$50/month + 10% of
$125/month + 5% of
$225/month + 0% of

Upgrades recommended based on revenue.

Once freelancers are able to secure a steady stream of sales each month, they can save on commissions by selecting one of four levels of sub-subsk levels.

Depending on the level of subbing, the commission rate can be lowered from 15% to 10% to 5% to 0%. If you pay a monthly $225 subscribe fee, you pay 0% commission and 100% of your sales are your own income.

If you are a freelancer who does more than $1500 of work each month, you will save $1500x15%=$225 in fees. Until you are stable, you can use the free plan for your subscriptions, and when you are on track, you can upgrade using the table on the left as a guide.

Fellow freelancers

Freelancers, we invite you to register as a user and create a profile! (Completely free of charge) Please prepare your profile with your project history, language level, and areas of experience in mind so that employers can search for you.


Please actively use it as a self-promotional tool by inserting the link to your profile page or its QR code into your SNS page, email footer, or business card.
*Click the QR code above or scan it with your smartphone to open a sample profile.

Staff will mediate matches until spring 2022

In the current alpha version of the app, employer enquiries will be brokered by our staff for matching. From the next beta version, matching will be online.

Set up your profile in detail to increase the accuracy of matching you with companies!

Make it easy for companies and customers to find you by setting your skills and areas of expertise in detail.
You can enter detailed information such as self-introductions and work history, so be sure to write about yourself so that people can tell what kind of person you are from your profile alone, and you will increase your matching rate!


You can actively use the links and QR codes on your profile page as a self-promotional tool by including them in your SNS, email footers, and business cards.
Click on the QR code above or scan it with your smartphone to open a sample profile.

beta release

Summer 2022-
Online matching begins

Freelance Workers Making Use of "I Can Speak Foreign Languages

If you are fluent in both Japanese and a foreign language, you can work as a bilingual freelancer. You can set up a detailed list of languages you are proficient in, your area of expertise, etc., and receive scouts from companies or apply for jobs that are open to the public yourself.

Negotiate directly with companies on terms and conditions, prices, etc.

Freelancers can offer and negotiate prices and conditions for job offers. All negotiations can be done directly with the client via the in-app chat function, so there is no need for extra work. Even after receiving an order, you can communicate with the client and manage timesheets within the app.

Secure collection of payment!

The estimated budget agreed upon at the time the contract for the project is concluded is secure because the work is started only after the client has agreed to pay. The difference from the budget can be adjusted in the final invoice at the completion of the project, ensuring that the agreed-upon budget is recovered even in the event of a dispute over payment.

Our goal

Empower freelancers!

Our goal is to create a market where freelancers can work soundly and freely at their own will. We will do our best to help freelancers hone their skills and build their careers by marketing themselves freely!

Increased freelance income through subscriptions

Sqetto aims to increase freelance income and revitalize the freelance market by introducing a system of subscriptions. The lower commission rate allows freelancers to secure sufficient income even if they lower the sales price to customers, making it easier for projects to continue on to the next job. We expect that popular freelancers, for example, will receive more than 90% of the sales amount even if they pay a sub-subscription fee.

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All you need to do is register your email address and we'll create your profile for you. By enhancing your profile, you will be more likely to attract offers from companies.

Apply for a job

There are two ways to apply for a job: you can either apply for a published job yourself, or you can consider job offers directly from employers.

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Negotiate & contract directly with the other party

By using the in-app chat function, you can communicate directly with companies and complete everything from negotiating terms and conditions to receiving orders and rewards, all within Sqetto.

Confirmed and done!

You will automatically receive your remuneration when you report the completion of an order and the company approves it.

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